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Root Cause Analysis Technique Course

Root Cause Analysis Technique Course

Course Content

1.The Root Cause Analysis Technique System
    * Legislative Requirements
    * Root Cause Analysis and Reporting
    * Duties and Responsibilities of Employers and Supervisors

2. Preparation: Accident Theories
    * What leads to / Causes Accidents / Incident Causation Model
    * Procedures to follow in case of Accident
    * Procedures to follow when investigating an Accident in the workplace (Root Case Analysis Technique)

  3. Investigating Incidents/Accidents
     * Selecting the investigation Team / Securing the accident scenes
     * Gathering information: People, material, paper evidence
     * Establishing the sequence of events
     * Identifying what caused the Accident / Identifying Causes (Root), System Failures (Root Cause Analysis Technique)
     * Remedial Actions
     * Post Investigation Activities / Follow up
     * Recording events on relevant documents
     * Corrective action plan and implementation
     * Monitoring the Action and avoiding the re-occurrence of the problem / follow up

  4. The Root Cause Analysis Technique System
     * Theoretical Examination
     * Case study of an Accident - Root Cause Analysis Technique documents including Root Cause Analysis Technique - 
       report will be completed by groups / individually

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