About Us

About Skillfull Trading Accredited TrainingSkillfull is a sustainable and reliable Training Provider, priding itself in excellent customer service and effortlessly keeping up to date with ever changing market demands and legislative requirements. At Skillfull we continually strive to deliver a product of high quality to improve safety standards and compliance in companies.


Owned and Managed by Jacques Smith, Skillfull is a vibrant and fresh training provider equipping learners with the necessary skills and competency’s as required by the Mine Health and Safety Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Conference Facilities
  • First Aid Equipment
  • Safety Consultancy Services

The "Subject Matter" ExpertsDue to rising and more demanding training requirements in the market, Skillfull is focused on being the leader of up to date, recognizable and sustainable product delivery. This in effect eliminates compromisation, as it has no part in the high level of training that is offered and can be witnessed in the process for which Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators are nominated for each course. it is a priority that they are subject matter experts in their respectable fields.

To provide orientated training that will improve the skills of people in order that they may take pride in making a safe productive contribution to South Africa.

The will to work, which is enriched by knowledge of how to perform a task better, will distinguish trainees from Skillfull.