This course will familiarise Management and Supervisors with the significant changes in the Construction Regulations, so companies can ensure Compliance to these requirements

Course Content:

  • Introduction and History Construction Regulations 2014:  Principle objectives of the regulations and the law behind it
  • Permit Systems:  Definition of construction work and the reasons for the permit system. When and who to apply
  • Notification of Construction work:  When and how to notify the Provincial Chief Inspector of intended construction work. Legal responsibilities of interested and affected parties
  • Legal responsibilities of persons such as:
  • Clients, Agents, Designers, Principle Contractors, Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Management and Supervision of Construction work - The appointment and responsibilities of: 
  • Construction Managers, Assistant Construction Managers, Construction Health & Safety Officers, Competence and professional registration of these persons (SACPCMP)
  • Risk Assessments:  Type of Risk Assessments, Risk Assessments on Construction sites with specific reference to Baseline Risk Assessments
  • What should be included into the specifications:  Specifications and requirements stipulated by the various construction regulations including:
  • Fall Protection, Structures, Temporary Works, Excavation, Demolition work, Tunneling, Scaffolding, Suspended platforms, Rope access work, Material hoists, Bulk mixing plants
  • Explosive actuated fastening devices, Cranes, Construction vehicles and mobile plants, Electrical Installations and machinery on construction sites, the use and temporary storage of flammable liquids on construction sites
  • Water environments, Housekeeping and general safeguarding on construction sites, Stacking and storing on construction sites
  • Construction Health & Safety technical committee and Approved inspection authorities
  • Health & Safety Plan:  Implementing a Health & Safety Plan
  • Legal Appointments:  Legal Appointments relevant to Construction work
  • Other prescribed documentation and regulations: OHSA of 1993 and local authority prescriptions
  • Record Keeping:  Records and data to be kept



  • Agents
  • Designers
  • Principle Contractors
  • Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Assistant Contractor Managers
  • Client Bodies
  • Construction Firms
  • Safety Managers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Health & Safety Officers
  • Consulting Engineers & Architects


  • Contact the client services department for more information regarding the course.
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