Course Content

Understanding of the theory and principles associated with Valuation and perform calculations related to:

  • The flow of ore from the working face to the end product (including problem areas and corrective steps that may be required)
  • Control factors – mine call factor, block factor, block call factor, ore reserve mining factor.
  • Grade control.
  • Ore reserves – classification, blocking, conventional block valuation, regression, reconciliation.
  • Pay limits – overall, stoping, development, incremental, % payability.
  • Life of mine (established mine).
  • Borehole information.
  • The effect of geological disturbances on mine valuation.

Course Content

This certificate will be in two parts:

Part A:
  • Part A will consist of a three-hour written closed book theory examination paper
  • Dates will be determined by the Chamber of Mines. (Normally May and October)
  • Candidates must register for these exams on and an exam registration fee of R1000.00 is payable to the Chamber of Mines
  • To pass Part A the candidate must obtain a minimum of 60%. A pass will be retained for 18 months.
  • Hand held electronic calculators would be permitted.
Part B:

The successful completion of Part A is a prerequisite for the submission of Part B.

  • The candidate will be required to submit a portfolio of his/her elementary mine sampling skills for assessment by the examination committee
  • The portfolio must be submitted within a period of 18 months after successful completion of the theory examination. Failure to comply will result in the theory part being re-written!!

Course Content

Appointment as Trainee Sampler

Appointment as Sampling Chipper/Cutter

Appointment as Sampling attendant

Appointment as Trainee Surveyor

Appointment as Survey attendant

Appointment as Trainee Grade Control Officer

Appointment as Grade Belt controller

The main objective of sampling

Describe the meaning of the following terms:

Reef, ore, waste, conglomerate, reef width, internal waste (parting), exterior waste width, channel width, stope width, hanging-wall, foot-wall, bedding place, strike, dip, faults, (dip and strike faults, dykes, value (grams per ton, centimetre-gram/ton), square metres, ton stope, development end