Course Content

Appointment as Trainee Sampler

Appointment as Sampling Chipper/Cutter

Appointment as Sampling attendant

Appointment as Trainee Surveyor

Appointment as Survey attendant

Appointment as Trainee Grade Control Officer

Appointment as Grade Belt controller

The main objective of sampling

Describe the meaning of the following terms:

Reef, ore, waste, conglomerate, reef width, internal waste (parting), exterior waste width, channel width, stope width, hanging-wall, foot-wall, bedding place, strike, dip, faults, (dip and strike faults, dykes, value (grams per ton, centimetre-gram/ton), square metres, ton stope, development end

    • Equipment required for stope face sampling
    • The procedures to be followed before, during and after stope face sampling
    • The purpose and importance of stope sampling records;
    • Answer questions on the practical application of the Mine Health and Safety Act and various Regulations:
    • Sections of the Act: 22, 23, 87, 88, 89 and 91
      • Regulations:
    • 17(1) Definition of: “Fluid material”, “Hazardous services”, “Restricted area”, “Workings”
      • 17(14)(a), 17(14)(b)(iii), 17(14)(b)(iv) and 17(14)(b)(v).
      • Sample a stope face
        • Compile stope sampling records
        • Observe mine safety rules
        • Receive and give instructions
        • Read a mine plan for orientation purposes

Who should do this course?

    • New Sampling employees

    • Sampling attendants
    • Sampling Chippers
    • Sampling Cutters
    • Survey attendants
    • Any Mine Employees who wishes to change his career path
    • Private Individuals


Available Course Types

  • Full-Time Full Time 
  • OnSite On-Site

Duration of Course

  • Full Time Course
  • 10 Working Days (Mon-Fri: 08h00 - 15h00)

Form of Evaluation

  • Full Time
  • Written Examinations :3 Hour sit down exam
  • Practical Assessment / Evaluations


Cost of Course

  • Full Time
  • Contact the client services department for more information regarding the course.
  • Tel: +27 (0) 18 786 4300 / +27 (0) 18 786 2812

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